Let's challege to the technology innovation and infinite competion.

I really appreciate you clicked the Homepage of Young Hwa Ferrite Company.
We steadily grew from the business start in 1988 breakthruing the rapidly changing business circumstances. We are now devote our core-competence to the technology development and best quality products manufacturing.

Recently the world is tend to bordless and one single market. To confront this global trends, we know well that self-technology developments and accumulations are solutions of this global competion era.

We steadily grew based on mottos of Technology-First, Customer-Satisfacton rooted on technologies. We will do our best to produce High quality Ni-Zn cores and Technology-Intensive Mn-Zn cores.

Thank you very much for your invisible supports and we will be with you always as leader of cutting edge technologies.

Thank you.

Young Hwa Ferrite Co., Ltd.